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Playing fast electric guitar must have come up in your mind at least once when you were learning guitar. It's usually the selling point for most guitarists when they think about taking up the instrument.

You want to play electric guitar, and you want to play fast...

Well... so why aren't you playing fast? There's usually a few reasons why guitarists can't get their electric guitar-playing to go faster. Here are the things you could be thinking:

*My hands are too weak to go faster.

*I get frustrated easily.

*There aren't enough hours in a day to get enough practice to go fast.

*I don't wanna play that generic stuff you're usually taught. I want to do awesome things like guitar sweeping!

These are a few complaints that you would hear if you walked up to someone and asked "Why don't you learn to play faster on the electric guitar?"

But, you know what? There are actually a good number of fast electric guitar courses being offered right over the internet that can boost your speed while you spend time in short sessions developing your skill.

The only problem with this is, how do you know if a fast electric guitar course is effective or not? Well, here's a list of very crucial things that an effective course to increase your guitar speed should have.

Now, you might have things that would personally benefit you that isn't mentioned in this list, (and you should make sure you get them) but this is really what the bare minimum should consist of:

* The course should build up the strength in your hands and fingers.

Really, if you're very weak in your hands and fingers, playing fast electric guitar is going to be difficult, but that doesn't mean you can't get strong! A good course should know what practice riffs and scales are needed for natural muscle-building in your fingers and wrists so you can pound through any new electric guitar riff that they might throw at you.

* Flexibility in your fingers needs to be learned.

There will always come a time when there's a sweet fast riff that could be played on the electric guitar, but it's a little bit of a stretch. With a good set of lessons, you should be able to learn how to make that difficult reach, and play it quickly at the same time.

I mean, there won't be any time to hesitate when you're up on stage and being able to hit a lick immediately is what we're all about.

* We want BOTH hands to get better.

It's not enough that you get your fret hand moving faster when your other hand is dragging along. Your electric guitar-playing is only as fast as your slowest hand! Remember that.

You need to get that picking hand pumping while your fret hand is laying out the licks and only when they learn to work together harmoniously will you achieve some awesome speed.

* Learning about tempo is essential.

It's really no use to you to learn how to play fast electric guitar if you can't even stay in a steady tempo. Learning to be consistent like a metronome will put your playing LIGHT YEARS ahead of the competition while they're just fumbling around trying to keep in a rhythm that they were never even taught before!

* You don't want just a couple lessons. You want a TON of lessons!

If you purchase a guitar course online and they e-mail you a folder with five lessons in it...


You're not going to learn hardly anything from them if they're not willing to teach you. You're paying really good money for an education, so you can't let it go to waste.

* There has to be a money-back guarantee.

If, for some reason, after you've confirmed all of the other bullet points I've mentioned, you join and then you're unhappy, you should be able to leave with no questions asked. It's really as simple as that.

If you can think of anything else that you want in particular from a fast electric guitar learning course, that's great. Make your own list and strive to receive only the best instruction that you can find on the internet.

Like I said before, these are my recommendations.

But I encourage you to click the links and form your own opinions!

Guitar Burning Speed
Jamorama Lead Guitar


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