How To Guitar Tune Correctly

How to guitar tune isn't very difficult but it's something that EVERY guitar player should know how to do before playing your tunes. Tuning your guitar not only keeps you in good standing with the other instruments, but teaches you how to develop your guitar ear for more advanced guitar tuning and playing methods.

If you're an experienced guitar player, you may no by now, the "secret" of using the 5th fret (and your fine-tuned ears) to tune your six strings. However, how to master this technique is only consistent if you've played the guitar long enough to recognize when two strings aren't in tune. You'll hear a slight wavering between the two guitar strings when making a comparison.

The most reliable method for your guitar however is to use an electronic tuner. When you're on stage, you really don't have the environment for very detailed listening to go by your ears alone. That's why the help of an electronic tuner is always best.

Another explanation of how to guitar tune is by using a piano. This is the most popular in a recording setting (and when a piano is present ...duh). Simply play the guitar notes respectively to the piano keys. Ex: E A D G B e

If you haven't learned the 5th fret method to guitar tuning, then I will explain. This method is only used if you know your lowest string (commonly E) is in tune from the start.

Place your index finger on Low E and pluck back and forth between that string and the next string, (A).

Those two pitches should be the same.

Place your index finger on (A) and pluck back and forth between that string and the next string, (D).

Those two pitches should be the same.

Are you seeing a pattern. Actually, all the strings work this way except for the (G) string. When you get to the (G) string, put your index finger on the 4th fret instead. (It's a pain I know)

This is a VERY basic way of tuning your guitar. For best results, tune more than one way before you play and your guitar should stay in tune longer.

And REMEMBER, ALWAYS tune BELOW the note and then TIGHTEN UP TO IT.

Here is a real-working online tuner that will give you the pitches in order to tune your guitar.

However, it's best to own a tuner for use away from your computer (where you'll mostly use it). Check out the How To Guitar Tune Store for a wide selection of tuners and guitar equipment.

Have fun!

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