Guitar Scale Mastery Review

Now, a buddy guitarist of mine actually purchased the Guitar Scale Mastery system to learn more scales and things and informed me of what he thought of the guitar material. It was pretty intriguing to me, so I decided to have a look for myself at this Guitar Scale Mastery Program.

It's actually a very interesting idea for a guitar program since all of the over guys like Jamorama and Jamplay are aiming to be all-inclusive guitar-learning systems while Guitar Scale Mastery has different aims...

So what is Guitar Scale Mastery's sales pitch?

It's different than it's competitors, but simply, it wants you to learn guitar scales.

Now, you might be thinking, "Is that it?" But, it really has more importance than you think.

Personally, I'm a rhythm player at heart and I'm not much of the improvisational soloist. Anyone who's looking to be in a jam band or a learn the ropes of soloing would probably benefit very much from this program.

Actually, there's a promise that your fingers can be moving across the fret board without you looking. Honestly, you don't need a high-powered guitar program to learn that.

Just close your eyes.

Is this for the beginning guitarist?


If you're a beginner, you want to learn songs, and you won't be learning them here. This is a course to improve upon the impressive skill of soloing and improvisation.

For those of you who have some guitar-playing under your belt and you're looking to be a lead player for awesome solo skills... this might be for you.

Here's what you can learn:
  • Connecting melody lines
  • Moving fluidly from one scale to the next
  • Anticipating similar patterns and styles in a solo
  • Playing with consistent tempo and rhythm
The material that comes with it is actually pretty neat.

And one of the cool things is that Craig Bassett is openly honest in saying that if you're a lazy bum that doesn't want to do the work, he doesn't want your money. haha Sounds like a great guy.

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