How To Guitar Play - Important Tips For Beginning Guitarists

If you've picked up a guitar without knowing anything about the instrument, you might think that learning how to play the guitar is practically impossible. I mean, how is a guitar played with 6 strings in thousands of finger positions across over 22 frets in rhythm and tempo?

How to play the guitar kind of sounds unbelievable. However, approaching the guitar with an organized schedule and reasonable goals can actually set the stage to how well you'll learn how to play guitar.

If you really want to get down to business quickly, online courses like the... a great place to start. But, check out these very important beginners tips for anyone interested in how to play guitar.

1. Get information from a music store.

The real place where you're going to learn the most about how to play guitar is from people who play guitars as a profession or extreme hobby. Go to the music store and chat with the guy who hangs out in the guitar section and see how much he has to say about about learning to play.

If you have a close friend that's been playing guitar for a long time, talk with them about how much they like it and what's difficult, etc.

2. It's time to own a guitar!

Even though it sounds good to go out to where guitars are sold, the best thing to do is to go online and do some major research first. Check out what the best guitars for beginners are by reviews and comments from advanced players that know a lot about the subject.

Even after you finally find the guitar you've deiced you want to learn how to play, you don't get it until you've really compared prices everywhere. Compare prices from Ebay, Amazon, music stores, online music stores, pawn shops, garage sales, and classified ads. Be sure to ask your friends if they know anybody who has a guitar that's collecting dust too.

3. Get serious with guitar courses or lessons.

If you want to convince yourself that you're not messing around on how to play guitar, you sign up for guitar lessons or courses. Sure, you can go down to a music store where they charge $10 a lesson and get a great guitar education, but certain programs that can be purchased online are just as beneficial if not more.

I recommend the Jamorama Guitar Course for its reputation in high satisfaction. More, importantly, the instructor actually has a degree in education which is more than most other online courses can say.

4. Guitar tablature is your way into the world.

If you're learning a from a good guitar course, guitar tablature should be becoming more familiar to you. Guitar tablature is actually the short-hand version of sheet music for instructing you how to play specific tunes on the guitar.

Guitar tabs(as they're more commonly reffered) are available at hundreds of sites across the web and most of them are free to the public. That's a lot of music to learn!

5. Chords and smooth changes are the foundation of almost every song.

Chord charts are available for free at dozens of websites. Knowing only a few basic chords and having the ability to change between them smoothly will blast your playing skills to the next level.

6. Focus on a reasonable amount of material at a time.

If you have a couple guitar tunes that sound easy to you, make a goal that those guitar tunes are what you're going to learn how to play for awhile, and that's it! Knowing two guitar tunes great is better than knowing ten guitar tunes poorly.

Realize that you've only just begun and that it's going to take awhile to play a guitar tune up to a performance's expectations.

7. Get tips from your friends.

Just about everyone I know has at least one friend that plays the guitar already. Well, it's time to call them up and see what they have to offer.

They might be able to tell you where to get the best gear, what's easy to play, and how they've learned something faster than others. Share your secrets to!

Learning how to play guitar can really focus your mind and teach you discipline. Honestly, only guitarists that possess patience and discipline become great guitarists.

Again, that link to learn tons of great lessons and methods is here...


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