Using Your Ears To Get Great Guitar Tone

One of the most frustrating things about guitar tone for me is getting it just right on your guitar. Sure you can have all these great options to get great tone, but without the ability to really listen, you can't ensure that you'll ever have a good tone.

The problem with adjusting tone is that most guitarists are looking for that magic configuration that can work for any amplifier or distortion pedal and slay the crowd with majestic tone. Wrongo.
Tone is one of the most subjective things to guitarists.

For instance, I like to play hardcore and metal on the guitar and there are plenty of guitarists who recommend a high-distortion amplifier like Marshall, but I actually use a Fender. Why?

Because when I put a Fender amp at around 6-8 notches, that distortion is warm and without a lot of white noise since it's actually made as more of a country-playing machine.

Really, it's up to you, but the fun thing is... You can figure out your style every time on a new piece of equipment, and here's the formula. (I'm really building this up more than necessary)
  1. Turn the knobs all the way down. (Treble, Bass, and Mid)
  2. Turn each knob up one at a time while listening intently to the change.
Are you mad at me now? Sure, you might be thinking "I could have figured that out!" But did you? If you did, then that's awesome. You know what it takes to learn your own sound.

Honestly, the most effective way to build your own tone is knowing what it sounds like starting from nothing.

Once you embrace the nothingness... what you want becomes much clearer.

Go ahead and try this out on your own amplifier and see if you finally get the configuration that you've been striving for for years only because you started from scratch.
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