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Welcome to my guitar blog, How To Guitar Tune!

I'm a college senior that's been playing in rock bands since I was 15. My first show, I played rhythm guitar down the street from my house in a bar. Unfortunately, that wasn't the night of my first drink.

Even though our set list consisted of watered-down versions of "Back in Black" and "You've Got Another Thing Comin," and our entire fan-base was a handful of proud parents...

I was scared out of my mind.

Eventually I learned some stage presence and have been playing live every chance that I can get. The crowds got a little bigger too and since then I've pounded my share of drinks.

Since then, I've developed some skill in other musical areas such as keyboard, piano, singing, songwriting, and recording, but I've never stopped playing the guitar.

As of right now, my favorite guitars are my Epiphone Les Paul Custom (black w/ gold hardware) and my Takamine G-Series acoustic guitar. My favorite genres of music to play are hardcore, metal, and indie.

Guitars are simply awesome. There's no doubt about that.

And learning new ways to improve your technique is what I'm all about.

I really want this blog to be about sharing information from everyone. So if YOU have something you want to add to anything please leave your info in a blog comment so everyone can read it.

I know that I don't have all the guitar answers but...

I want to keep learning just as much as you do.


Kyle Hoffman

P.S. For anyone interested in hearing my current music projects, here are the links. Enjoy!

Wake the Lion (Metal/Hardcore) ...I'm the lead vocalist

HonestKyle (Hardcore/Rock) ...All instruments - Drums + Production

Kyle Hoffman (Acoustic/Indie/Piano) ... All instruments - Drums + Production

Zombies! Fight! (Metal/Electronica) ...1/2 Vocals + Instruments - Bass - Drums + Production


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