Guitar To Shred - Creating Awesome Dual Lead Riffs

So you may have gotten your guitar to shred by itself, but maybe you want to shred alongside another lead sound. Shredding on your own guitar is one thing, but working with another lead player is a whole other can of worms.

Learning how to create dueling lead parts in a guitar tune is a good way to showcase your technical side while creating some very colorful melodies. Here are a few tips on getting your guitar to shred with another.

* Use single note runs as opposed to chords.

For dueling lead parts, you'll find that when shredding with another guitar, single note runs blend much easier with another guitar. It's simpler to figure out how to coalesce single notes in a guitar tune than chords which can sound messy and less technical. For the "wow" factor, keep your dueling lead parts with single notes.

* Precision and accuracy are very important.

When you first get your guitar to shred, you'll notice that each note needs to ring purely and there isn't much room for faults. The same thing applies with two lead guitars.

Be sure that each note and each melody line syncs with each other in order to preserve a very smooth and flowing texture of music. The less accuracy used, the messier the riffs can sound in the guitar tune.

* If working with another guitarist, they should be of similar ability.

Have you attempted to guitar shred with someone else and noticed that they don't really have the function quite yet? For dueling lead parts, it's very important to have two guitarists of similar ability.

Not only will it be difficult to keep things clean and tight, but the writing may be substantially slowed due to your partner's lack of skills. The best way how to execute a dual lead in a guitar tune is with someone you know you can depend on.

* At certain points, give each lead some breathing room.

Having a dueling lead part in a guitar tune that just goes on and on can be a bit tedious at times. Give yourself and your partner a little time to shred on the guitar by yourselves. This way, you can be a little freer to experiment during the solo and it creates very comfortable breaks in the tune.

* Be open-minded about tempo and rhythm.

When composing a dueling lead part, you want it to be anything but boring. How many riffs have we heard where there's just this steady, endless stream of notes? Too many!

Mix it up! Be creative! Add twists and turns, different rhythm styles, staccato notes, and other cool things to give your guitar tune a little pizazz!

* Use dual leads in moderation.

As much as getting your guitar to shred with another is cool, using this technique in moderation is the key to great dual lead parts. Yes, some bands base their entire guitar solo ideas on dueling leads, but there are always exceptions to the rule.

Make your dual leads something that people will crave. If you have something that's exciting for the crowd to listen to, make them plead for it to come and beg for more when it's done.

I love a good dual lead part in a song. They can be crazy, slow, fast, composed, but just downright mesmerizing. Have a great time shredding guitars alongside another lead part and learn to be creative with it.


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