Wake the Lion (My Band) in AP Magazine!

Hey guys! This is totally unrelated to anything that I would normally post on How To Guitar Tune, but sometimes there's exciting things going on in my life that I like to share with others, and this is one of those times.

So have you guys hear of this little magazine called Alternative Press?

(I'm being condescending, I know) haha

Well! If you've read my contact page, you would have known that I'm in the band Wake the Lion as the lead vocalist. I've been in it for close to two years now and...

We got into the unsigned bands section of AP Magazine! It's pretty incredible. And I'm actually very honored to be in the issue with Blink 182 on the cover, since they happen to be one of my favorite bands ever.

So, check out this little clipping from page 37. I'm the one on the far left. Yea, I got put on the magazine spine. haha

Alright. Well that's it. Have a great day everyone!


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