Beginning Weekly Tips

For those of you that have been following my Twitter feed, I recently returned from a small weekend vacation in Baltimore with my sister. We ate some sushi, watched a couple dozen episodes of "Psych," and saw the new Harry Potter movie. (Totally awesome by the way)

More importantly, my sister works for the company called MGH Marketing as a copywriter and she gave me some pointers on how I could better serve my newly-established guitar community. (You)

One piece of advice she gave was to introduce weekly tips on my blog, giving each reader something to look forward to for the next week. It's the weakest form of mind control, but still effective.

So look out for interesting guitar tips that I will be releasing once a week to keep all of you frequent readers enticed by my internet presence. Thank you everyone for all your interest and views and if you have any questions, please refer to my Contact page for more information.

Keep playing,



For anyone that's interested, here's my sister's Twitter feed. She's constantly posting snarky comments and witticisms that you'll really enjoy.


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