Guitar With Metronome - A Match Made For Perfect Practice

A guitar with a metronome is a beautiful thing. It really is.

Having the ability to play songs and licks by yourself is great, but a metronome is there to keep your tempo and rhythm in check. Learning to keep a consistent rhythm to a song is so powerful that you'll be desired by most musicians if you can grasp this concept.

Think about what you'll get, simply by practicing with a cheap little metronome.

1. You'll learn to respect the tempo of a song.

...And song tempos deserve respect. You can't expect a guitar tune to sound that good when it's being played at any speed you choose and when you can simply disrupt that speed at any moment!

Tempos demand respect and order, and they deserve it. Respecting the tempo means:
  • You'll be able to identify if you're rushing or lagging.
  • Following a drummer in a band is easier.
  • It makes you easier to play along with other guitarists.
It's all about identifying your own faults with the tempo and using it to accommodate others who you might be playing with. So, if you never want to play along with anyone in a band, fine.

Don't use a metronome, but you'll be missing out on a great deal of improvement.

* You'll be able to identify if you're rushing or lagging.

Sometimes you may not be fully aware how far from the tempo you really are. With your guitar and metronome working together, you'll never have to guess, and eventually, your brain will develop consistent rhythm on its own that will tick in your head like the gears of a machine.

* Following a drummer in a band easier.

Drummers are basically glorified metronomes. (Just kidding guys. I know that you do freakin' sweet rhythms that I can only dream of doing)

But, they are the prime suspects of keeping the beat that you need to follow. If you've been practicing with a metronome, it should really be a piece of cake and you won't have to have that awkward conversation at the next band rehearsal.

* It makes you easier to play along with other guitarists.

As much as you want to play better with others, others want to play better with you. With that skill of identifying your own rushing and lagging, you can almost sense the tempo between you and another guitarist.

2. It's a good way to mark your improvement of guitar speed.

If you take anything away from having a metronome with your guitar is knowing that it's a great way to keep track of your playing speed. You can look at the clearly-marked bpms on the device and increase them or decrease them to accommodate your playing level.

Really, the metronome is an awesome little guy that you'll want around with your guitar. Think about purchasing a cheap one.

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