Teach Guitar To Yourself - Yea, It's Not That Fun

When I come across other guitarists my age that say that they just learned how to play the guitar, I usually feel the curiosity to inquire how they did it. About 8 out of 10 times the person will reply with "I taught myself to play."

Now, as much as people might say this, you have to admit that it's a bit of a contradiction.

I mean really, how would you have the knowledge to teach yourself a skill that you formally had no knowledge of? Did I just blow your mind?

But seriously, there may not really be such a thing as knowing how to teach guitar to yourself, but knowing where to get your information and how to acquire skills from reliable sources is what it's all about.

There are always going to be guitar courses and lessons for beginners and that's what teaching guitar to yourself involves really. It's about having the initiative to create your own guitar future by making intelligent choices that will build upon yours skills.

Next time that you're faced with a decision to read, watch, or purchase anything having to do with your guitar skills, think about its intentions and if they fit into your play of learning the guitar of your own accord.

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Angele Martin said...

Many beginner guitar players, anxious to get through the hard stuff and start playing ask if they really need chords to learn guitar. There's also the question of how many chords are really necessary. Some people have actually bought their first guitar, downloaded some tabs and learned to play them. So for people who have been able to learn guitar without chords, the question is whether they can just keep going in this way.

Dawn Schmidt Ventimiglia said...

There's also the question I get from my students as to whether they should start on an electric guitar or an acoustic. The little budding rock stars all want to start cranking out power chords on an electric. I try to get them all to learn the basics (notes, tuning, scales, chords) on the acoustic first. It may be a bit more difficult, but it helps the students develop hand strength. Electric will be so much easier to jump into after working on an acoustic. I always tell people I "taught myself" when they ask how I learned - interesting thoughts you present about that notion! I think it was easier for me, even though I was only 12, as I already was playing piano and clarinet, so understood musical concepts. That is a big part of what I teach my students, too, as it will make them more well-rounded musicians. :)

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