Playing Chords On Guitar - Get Your Technique Smooth and Steady

Playing chords on guitar is kind of the meat of the instrument. Depending on your style if you choose to be a rhythm or lead guitarist, you might play more chords than the other.

However, learning chords and learning to play chords on guitar in a smooth and reliable fashion can determine how well you perform common tune from then on. Here are some things to think about when focusing on your chords.

1. Pay close attention to your posture.

It's hard to complete a few of the simplest chords when your hand is all folded up and contorted into an odd arrangement. Relax your fingers, use only the tips, and keep your hand perpendicular to the guitar neck.

2. Hash it out even when it's frustrating.

Playing chords on guitar is bound to make anyone frustrated in the beginning with the weird finger formations and strumming patterns to add, but you can't give up. Learning to suck it up and roll right through the discouragement is important to playing better.

3. Don't worry about speed at the moment.

You have to start slow in order to go fast and chances are, you can't play very fast to begin with. There's no sense in beating yourself up when you don't have any speed because you're probably not at the point where speed is that important anyway.

4. Stay loose.

There's a lot that you can focus on with your playing technique, but keeping your fingers nimble and loose by any means is important as well. Do some stretches before you practice and when you're not near the guitar squeeze a stress ball or do some typing on the computer.

5. Practice the transitions.

The most difficult part of playing chords on guitar is getting smooth transitions from one chord to the next. Practice making one chord and seeing how quickly you can get to the next. Switch up the combinations and time your efforts or listen for any faults in your movements.

6. Play more REAL songs.

Guitar tunes are all around you and just about all of them use chords to play. So that means if you're busy learning a typical guitar tune, you're doing something to improve your guitar chords.

Sometimes there's no greater source of frustration than playing chords on guitar, but the sooner you get over that hill, the sooner you'll be open to libraries of guitar tunes. Try a few of these strategies out for yourself and start making your chords smooth and steady.

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