Sing While Playing Guitar - 5 Reasons To Vocalize With Your Instrument

Have you tried to sing while playing guitar before? If it was your first time singing while playing guitar, you probably felt awkward and could not quite match up the lyrics with the rhythms of your strumming. And that's fine!

Playing the acoustic guitar or electric guitar while singing does not come easily to most guitarists because singing is in a league of it's own. There's hundreds and thousands techniques on just singing, let alone to sing while playing guitar.

However, if you learn anything from my posts, you'll discover that whatever I think is difficult on the guitar is most likely worth learning and this includes to sing while playing guitar. Just think about these 5 reasons why playing and singing at the same time can really set you apart from other guitarists.

1. You can develop perfect pitch.

If you think about the actions involved with singing while playing guitar, you're actually creating two different tones and pitches at once. (Unless you're making chords on your guitar, then it's multiple...) And sometimes, that's a lot to keep track of in your head.

But, eventually being able to separate those pitches accurately by singing and playing guitar at the same time can greatly improve your ability to memorize pitches. That's really what perfect pitch is all about. Memorizing the pitch, and hitting it accurately.

2. You'll learn to further separate your finger movements from each other.

Do you remember how hard it was to sync up your strumming hand with your fret board hand when you first began playing? But you did eventually, because your fingers learned to react independently of each other.

If you sing while playing guitar, you'll only be developing that ability even further by adding words and another melody line into the mix. And mastering all of these things at once can really help your fingers do their own thing.

3. You'll become more valuable to a band.

For anyone that's in a band, they'll tell you that finding someone who can sing while playing guitar is like finding a million dollars! Everyone would be looking to hire you!

Seriously, you can't walk through the park without tripping over someone who plays the guitar, but for someone who can sing too... you would be worth your weight in gold.

4. You can perform on your own.

Maybe you don't like to work with a band and you just think "Screw it." Well, you can play by yourself now!

Take your guitar down to an open mic night. Hire yourself out to bars and parties. Now that you can sing while playing guitar, you're a marketable item.

5. Writing your own complete songs is now possible.

Starting as just a guitarist, I'm sure you may have come across something to play that you just came up with, but that's all it was. It was just a set of chords that were fun to play.

Now, you have a singing voice, and those useless chords are the sections of your very own song. You can finally stick beautiful singing melodies over those carefully composed guitar compositions.

Learning to sing while playing guitar is not the easiest thing in the world, but it's definitely worth it. You'll develop your pitch and muscle memory, become a marketable music machine, and start your way into creating complete musical compositions.


Paraglider said...

Very nice blog. I've read a few of your articles and the advice is sound and practical. Nice work :)

HonestKyle said...

Thank you very much Paraglider. I greatly appreciate your compliment to my blog :]

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