Locking Guitar Strap - How to Keep Your Guitar on Your Strap

A locking guitar strap could become your new best friend if you're having problems keeping your guitar on your strap when playing your tunes. These simple devices lock your guitar's strap attachment to your strap in order to maintain a secure fit.

The reason you may be losing your guitar vs. your strap is most likely due to increased pressure on the strap as you jump around or perform some dazzling guitar tricks like guitar whips. Whatever the reason is, a locking guitar strap can prevent catastrophic events (like your guitar smashing to the floor) if installed properly and securely in place of no device at all.

If we stand back and analyze the circumstances here, we'll get a better perspective of the stress that you may be putting your poor guitar strap through. (sorry little guy) More and more stress is exhibited on your guitar strap when you play guitar tunes more times than you think.

You're putting natural pressure on it when you:

* Wear it with the guitar standing up (obviously)

* Put the guitar on or take the guitar off after playing your tunes

* Walk around while wearing your guitar

Now, you're putting EXTRA pressure on your guitar strap when you:

* Run or jog while wearing your guitar

* Jump while wearing your guitar

* Perform guitar whips

I've actually been to a show in which a guitarist whipped his guitar over his shoulder during a break in the tune and his instrument released itself from its strap, slamming to the ground. I was surprised as to how his guitar worked for the rest of the tune, but it did.

If you're a very active player that enjoys putting on a very thrilling show by moving around and performing tricks on stage, I would highly recommend using a locking guitar strap for your axe. It's hard learning how to play your next guitar tune with a broken instrument :[

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