Learn Songs on Acoustic Guitar First?

A lot of beginning guitarists ask whether learning songs on acoustic guitar first is better than learning on the electric guitar. That's a very good question that can actually decide whether or not someone starting as a guitarist will probably want to continue with the instrument at all and continue playing guitar tunes.

Does it really matter whether songs are learned on the electric guitar over an acoustic guitar? Sure it does! Learning skills and guitar tunes on one or the other can really set the stage on how you're going to perform from the start of your musical career to the end.

Here are some points to think about when figuring how an acoustic guitar may benefit you in the beginning.

* You'll develop better technique.

Learning songs on acoustic guitar first can really give you a solid foundation when it comes to technique. Acoustic guitars are a little more difficult to press down on the strings and form chords as opposed to electrics.

In some instances they're more difficult to perform certain skills like pull offs, hammer ons, and vibrato due to how stiff the strings are. Learning how to play guitar tunes on the acoustic guitar first can really build up your "hard-work" ethic related to playing the guitar.

* The acoustic guitar can connect you to a variety of genres.

If you're someone that enjoys playing rock or metal, then learning songs on acoustic guitar first should really broaden your musical tastes. You might find that how jazz and indie guitar tunes are played really excites your interest and it'll push you to explore even more.

Having a good library of musical genres to perform can really make you a valuable guitarist. If you have the choice to try something new, try it! It might just be your new favorite.

* There isn't much heavy equipment to carry around.

Do you see how those guys carry their electric guitars, amplifiers, pedals, and everything else they need into the clubs on the weekends? Think of how nice it is to NOT have to do that. haha

If you learn songs on the acoustic guitar first, all you'll have to carry into a club or over to a friend's house is your guitar inside your case. Man, doesn't that sound nice? Of course, once you progress on to rock or metal guitar tunes with an electric, you're gonna need to start working out more...

* Acoustic guitars are not complicated to set up and go.

I can remember setting up my first electric guitar. I didn't know what any of the knobs did on my guitar or my amplifier, I had some crazy white noise coming from one of my pedals, and because of it, I didn't play for another week. haha

Just think. If you learn to play songs on the acoustic guitar first, you're not taking the time to set up anything. You just pull the guitar out of the case, grab a guitar pick and go. It's not complicated to start playing guitar tunes.

These are just a few reasons that people start playing songs on acoustic guitar first as opposed to electric. Let's be realistic though. Some people just HATE acoustic guitars and need to go to distortion. That's perfectly fine!

The important part to all of this is learning to enjoy the instrument, and not give up too quickly before you figure out what you're really capable of.


Jullia said...

thanks for the information, now everything is clear to me and what important is the learning that we get in every lessons that we have and of course the information on how to play guitar, whether it is acoustic or not. Anyway thanks again

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