Good Guitar Cheap - The Best Places To Find Cheap Guitars

If you're just starting on the guitar you probably want something good, a little cheap, but isn't the worst piece of junk that you've ever seen. This sort of find is a bit difficult, but the cheap guitars that are still good to play are usually right under your nose.

You can spend hours in a music store trying to talk the salesman down in price, but you're looking at maybe a 10% discount at the most. If you're a true bargain hunter and want the REAL deals, check out these places for good and cheap guitars.


This is the mother of online auctions and it sells literally anything and everything. Go into the musical instrument section and you can be searching for hours.

All you need to bid and make a purchase is a free account with Ebay and another free account with Paypal to pay for your new instrument. Just follow their tutorials section for any questions you might have.

* Flea Markets

You might not find the best brand names of cheap guitars, but they're usually still good to play. Look in your local newspaper or town announcement board to find out when the next flea market is coming around your area.

* Pawn Shops

Guitars are bound to be here, but there might also be some hard bargaining. You can find deals here, but watch out for being sold on merchandise that might not necessarily be worth it.

* Garage Sales

Garage sales usually have quite a melange of junk and odds and ends, but a guitar is bound to pop up somewhere. Make sure you ask plenty of questions about the instrument before you buy so that you're positive it wasn't just a toy for their toddler.

* Classified Ads

Every time that I look in my local newspaper, I find at least one used musical instrument that someone is trying to get rid of because playing them is "just too hard." Take advantage of those people and get those guitars for good and cheap. They usually don't know how much to resell them for anyway.

* Your friend's house

There may be a friend that you didn't realize that started up the guitar and quit after frustration. Ask around. You might get your new instrument from a friend of a friend of a friend... Maybe even for free :]

Guitars are usually very expensive pieces of equipment, but they're everywhere! Do some good snooping to find something cheap, but make sure you ask plenty of questions before you buy.

If something sounds fishy, IT USUALLY IS.


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