Tip Of The Week #6: Guitar Strap Adjust - Make Your Intricate Licks Easier To Play Instantly

One thing that always seems to vary from one guitarist to the next is the adjusted height on the guitar strap. Everyone likes to have their guitar's strap adjusted to their own personal level maybe for convenience, comfort, or just for looks.

However, adjusting your guitar strap is actually a very important part of guitar-playing development early in the learning stages. Where you decide to have your guitar stationed in reference to a section on your body can alter how well you play.

* Adjust your guitar strap to hang lower around your waist.

This can actually make lead riffs and intricate single-note patterns more difficult to play. Your fingers can't comfortably reach underneath the neck when the rest of your hand can't make it either.

I guess the real appeal of wearing your guitar low is just for looks. It's been that typical "grunge" and I'm a B.A. kind of look. I just see it as "I don't know how to adjust a guitar strap" kind of look.

*Adjust your guitar strap to hang higher near your chest.

By raising your guitar higher, you can reach underneath the guitar neck and play fast licks and chords more comfortably. It's much less strain on your fingers and wrist too.

Of course, I've seen some guitarists go a little nuts and have their guitars up near their necks. I mean... geez nerd. Just kidding. haha

But you should understand that having your guitar strap adjusted so that your guitar hangs TOO low on your body can actually be detrimental to your playing. If you're having trouble playing, try raising it up!


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