Tip Of The Week #8: Coffee Shop Guitar - Get Stage Practice At An Open Mike Night

Playing the guitar live in front of people is a completely different game than in your bedroom by yourself. There never comes a time where your pillow or clothes on the floor are going to laugh or say something negative at you while your strumming.

(Unless your home is possessed?...)

But, playing guitar in coffee shops and open mike nights is a great way to ease your mind on the idea of playing live.

For guitarists that have never been to an open mike night, you simply add your name to a list of performers, they call your name when it's your turn, and then you play for up to 20 minutes. It's a simple system, but it works.

The best part about playing at coffee shops and open mike nights are how generally supportive the people are.

You're not going to be booed off or pelted with raw vegetables, but you'll always receive a smile and a good amount of applause when you're done. Bring a friend out and the both of you can have some silly fun up on stage.

I mean, it's really great to be able to play the guitar, but sharing your talent with others is what turns your talent into a musical contribution to society. And you're not trying to be a free-loader are you? That's what I thought.


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