Acoustic Guitar Size - What's The Difference And What's Right For You?

If you're someone who's interested in purchasing an acoustic guitar for the first time, you've probably come to a roadblock having to do with the acoustic guitar size. Doing a little research, you can probably find that not only are there are variety of brands to choose from, but also a variety of sizes for acoustic guitars as well.

A difference in an acoustic guitar size does a lot more than change the perception of your body by comparison, but it has a direct effect on the tone and reverberation strength of the acoustic guitar. Here are a few sizes of acoustic guitars and a little bit about each one in order to give you an intelligent opinion when you decide to make your expensive purchase.

* Parlour

This is a small acoustic guitar size that to my understanding, is used often by classical guitarists. Since the body isn't that large, the sound isn't as loud, but it's easy to hold and enjoyable to play.


The OOO is just another small acoustic guitar size that supplies a bit of ease for finger-picking, but loses some volume. Still, they're very favorable small guitars.

* OM

This model is manufactured by a number of companies since it handles a variety of playing styles fairly well. Unlike the other smaller acoustic guitar sizes the OM supplies a nice balance of both treble and bass throughout all six strings making it a favorable guitar.

* Dreadnought

Chances are that any well-known acoustic guitar company makes this size of guitar since it's so popular. They're a bit bigger and not the easiest to play for people of smaller stature.

However, they supply extra bass and volume and are great for a rhythm acoustic guitarist in an ensemble. Even the finger-picking sounds smoother between all of the strings.

* Mini Jumbo

Originally, there were only Jumbo and Dreadnought acoustic guitar sizes, but sometimes the waist was just a bit too big. That's why they created the Mini Jumbo.

It supplies more bass and volume, but allows a little more ease of use to those who can't seem to handle a larger guitar like the jumbo. It's a somewhat newer size.

* Jumbo

This is just a darn big guitar that supplies a nice round sound. Not for smaller folk, but for guys who really strum the heck out of guitar parts or are just too big for something small.

For any acoustic guitar size that you lean towards, make sure that you do some research first. I actually own a Jumbo-size guitar (Takamine G-Series) and it's great for the hard-strumming that I do when playing live.

The most important thing to do before you make any purchase on a new guitar is to just sit down and play it. That's the only way to decide if that acoustic guitar size fits you and if the tone is what you really want to hear.


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