Tip Of The Week #4: Case With Guitar - Keeping Your Guitar Safe During Down Time

Do you have a case with your guitar? If the answer to that question is no then you should probably take a look at some cases out at your local music store on the internet.

A few places to find a case with your guitar online would be Ebay, Amazon, and MusiciansFriend. Of course there are others but these are some of the more popular ones.

Now, the obvious reason to have a guitar case with your guitar is for when you're hauling your instrument to and from performances and you want to keep it safe! Seriously consider purchasing one for that reason.

If you would like some tips when picking out a guitar case, check out my article here: Safe and Sound Guitar - 6 Item Checklist For Your Instrument's Hard-Shell Case

Another thing to discuss about guitar cases is that they do a semi-good job of slowing down corrosion and dust accumulation.

I know that a lot of guitarists like to keep their guitars on a stand for everyone to view as they enter or exit a room, but unless you're diligently dusting that thing every day, the better choice is to just keep it in the case.

Plus, there will always come the day when it gets very humid out and more moisture will be in the air.

So, unless you have a very well kept room with temperature and humidity control and you like to dust (not me), keep your guitar with its case when you're not using it.

Check out this funny video of this guy testing his guitar case by dropping it. haha


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