Guitar Buzzing Strings - Why Your Strings Are Too Noisy

If you're jamming out on your instrument and it appears you have a case of buzzing guitar strings, don't worry. This is a very common occurrence among beginning to average guitarists and how to eliminate it from your guitar tunes isn't difficult..

As a beginner, you may be quick to accuse your guitar of the strings buzzing. "Cease you foul wooden beast!" But, there are very subtle things having to do with your finger posture on the frets, pressure on the strings, and your grip of the neck that can lead to noisy strumming.

* Strum like Bruce Banner, not the Incredible Hulk.

When I'm recording some more aggressive guitar tunes using the acoustic guitar, I'll find that I have more guitar buzzing strings than in other songs. It's usually due to me really wailing on the strings when I'm strumming.

Be mindful and conscious of just how hard you're playing your instrument. Only so much force is required for your strings to vibrate and create a beautiful tone in your guitar tunes.

* Keep your fingers close to the fret markings on the guitar neck.

To reduce a lot of fret noise and the buzzing of guitar strings, when you're placing your fingers on the fret board move them closer to the left fret marking on the neck. This will keep a firmer hold on the string, allowing for better vibration without all the mucky muck.

* Pressing on the strings hard isn't necessarily the answer.

Sometimes if you focus on pressing hard on the strings, you might find that some notes are very clear, while others are still buzzing. (maybe even more than before) You may not realize it, but it's sometimes difficult to press firmly AND evenly on the strings.

Don't get me wrong, you need to put some pressure on the guitar strings, but don't get carried away. Focus on being comfortable with reasonably pressure on the strings for better results with less buzzing in your guitar tunes.

* Your bridge may need adjusted.

Maybe the strings on the guitar are just too high or low from the fret board. That happens. If you suspect that the buzzing of the guitar strings are caused by this, take your instrument down to your local music store and ask for an adjustment. It won't cost you too much and they'll help you out with how to make your playing prettier, and maybe a little easier.

* Is your thumb in the middle of the guitar neck?

It can be easy to let your thumb on your fret hand stray towards the top of the neck when you're not being critical of your hand placement. Remember that the best place for you thumb is right in the middle of the curve of your guitar neck.

* It's a cheap instrument and there's no avoiding it.

Yea, sometimes guitars just plain suck and you're gonna get what you pay for. If you purchase a cheap instrument, chances are that you're going to get a cheap sound. Do a little research on guitars and pick something with a general understanding of the feel and the company.

If you're killing your instrument, lighten up. If you're pressing too lightly, harden up. If you're guitar sucks, replace it. Either way, don't tear your hair out, because buzzing guitar strings aren't the worst thing in the world.

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How To Guitar Tune said...

@ericmakesmusic Yea, it's a little shameless, but I gotta give you credit for your information. You actually build guitars so I think your knowledge is straight-up legit. Thanks for your input buddy!

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