Chords To Play Guitar - How To Make Your Chord Transitions Smoother

After you learn a few basic chords to play guitar, the key of how to perform a guitar tune well is by creating smooth transitions between each chord. It might appear that learning chords to play guitar tunes is all you need, but the technical ability to play them well is very crucial.

Sometimes all the gunk in between each chord really makes the guitar-playing sound plain pitiful and you need to learn some tempo and style. Here are a few tips that can help smooth out your transitions between each guitar chord when playing a song.

* Learn to use four fingers.

If you were hesitant to attempt chords to play guitar with more than a couple fingers, it's time for you to break out of your shell. Don't limit yourself with how much you can accomplish by only using two or three fingers. I should be praying each night to have even more fingers!

* Keep your thumb in the center of the back of the guitar neck.

An early practice for beginning guitarists is to have your thumb curve over the top of the guitar neck when playing some basic acoustic guitar chords. This might seem acceptable, but learning to control that thumb will prepare you for hundreds of guitar licks and chords to play that require a strict thumb position.

* Put your finger TIPS on the strings not the pads of your fingers.

Your chords to play on the guitar might sound messy if you're placing more than just the tips of your fingers on the strings. If you're developing calluses anywhere but the tips of your fingers you should realize that something's up.

* Start with only a couple chords at a time.

If you're beginning, what's your rush? Begin right by learning only a few chords to play guitar at a time. After you can nail those easily and transition smoothly between them, THEN it's time to move on.

* Try some easy guitar songs with very few chords.

Some simple guitar ballads are really good practice songs when developing a smooth sense of playing chords. They'll teach you to have good technique and pay attention to detail.

Here are a few simple songs with simple chord progressions:

- Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty
- Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Guns and Roses
- Back and Black by AC/DC
- Yellow by Coldplay
- Wonderwall by Oasis

* Strum through each chord transition without pausing.

A lot of the time things sound spotty because you draw too much attention to your mistakes by pausing in the middle of your chord transitions. Strum through each chord when you play guitar, even the transitions, and things will sound a bit smoother.

* Increase your speed with a metronome.

Start your tempo slow and progress a few b.p.m.s (beats per minute) each time that you practice a song. This can actually measure how well you're progressing through the guitar tune.

Keeping smooth transitions between chords can add bit of professionalism in a performer that may have not appeared before. If you take the time to do it right, you'll notice things flowing a little better from then on.

Oh... and I stuck this video in here because this guy can sweep, but dang does he look goofy.


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Now that was a very odd video. I think I' rather watch a guitar player that makes all the strange faces while playing!

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