Tip Of The Week #5: Guitar Tuning String - Tighten UP To The Pitch

When tuning your guitar strings, (referring to the individual string as the guitar tuning string) there's subtle things that can affect how well your guitar strings will stay in tune. One of these things that affects your guitar tuning string is the manner in which you turn your tuning pegs on the guitar.

Here's the rule when tuning each individual string whether you do it by electronic tuner or by ear. (It really doesn't make a difference)

Always tighten the guitar tuning string UP to the pitch.

If you were to tune your guitar string by loosening the peg, you're actually limiting the amount of time that the string will have the correct pitch. When loosening to the pitch, the string tends to fall flat much quicker.

As a guitarist, you know that having your guitar strings in tune as long as possible is something you should be very anal about. There's nothing worse than a beautiful piece played on strings that are way off pitch.

So, keep your guitar tuning string in tune LONGER just by tightening up to the pitch. That means if a note is sharp, (above the pitch) first tune below the note and then up to it. If the note is flat, (below the pitch) simply tune up to it.


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